Effa Textile


Established in 2007 in Izmir, Turkey, Effa Textile is a manufacturer and exporter of ready-wear garments.

It continues its activities with its head office and production facility in Izmir-Turkey and logistics front office in Milan-Italy.

Our factory is located in a central location with a space of 2000 m2 and 4 floors.

We work with a team of approximately 45 people in our production facility.


Our production mainly consists of T-Shirts, polos, pants, hoodies, dresses, yoga-fitness and active wear garments.

Main materials we use are: cotton, organic cotton, cotton/modal, cotton/elastane, cotton/polyester, cotton/viscose, cotton/polyamide, polyester, polyester/elastane, polyester/viscose, modal, bamboo and tencel


Our mission is to design and manufacture sustainable high-quality products.

As a company that cares about environment and nature, sustainability is one of our basic principles.

The use of organic, recycled and environmentally friendly materials and accessories in our production facility is our priority.


Effa Textile has over 15 years of experience of delivering goods to its customers.

As a company that has been working consistently with its customers for many years, our most important priority is a flexible and quality-oriented production and partnership.

Thanks to our collaborations with companies experienced in accessories and labels, we offer a professional service to our customers.

The services we provide in an order are as follows: Fabric Production and dying / Modelling / Labelling & Accessories / Printing & Embroidery / Cutting / Stitching / Quality Control / Packaging and Delivery